Become a Sponsor



If you can’t keep a Hellhound yourself, you have the opportunity to sponsor your favorite dog with recurring donations.


Many people willing to adopt are cautious and skeptical when it comes to taking in dogs with behavioral problems. For this reason, animals usually have to wait longer for a suitable home, even though they deserve it no less. In order to support these animals nevertheless and to realize our facility, we offer you the possibility to donate happiness and recognition with a sponsorship.


Sponsorship creates partnership

By sponsoring one of our dogs, you can actively participate in their life at the Hellhound Foundation and ensure that they are kept in a species-appropriate manner until their final placement. Through your sponsorship, unhomed animals are given the opportunity to spend their twilight years under our protective care.


Advantages of a sponsorship

As a sponsor you will receive a sponsorship certificate, as well as a corresponding donation receipt, which can be claimed for tax purposes (please look up the Tax Laws in your country !). Furthermore, you will be regularly informed about all highlights and have the opportunity to visit your sponsored dog at any time. You can also make a gift of a sponsorship by paying the contributions and the person you are giving the gift to will be listed as a sponsor with us.


You can sponsor the following dogs:

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