When hell suddenly freezes over



When hell suddenly freezes over…


…and you suddenly fall on your face while moonwalking through the kennels, then you know that something is wrong.


And as it is in the circles of hell, you know your friends. The current ice age can be attributed to none other than our Berthold.


Exactly one week ago he vomited several times during the night and did not want to eat, worrying for a dog of the type black hole, plush fur edition. When he also spurned his food and even filet the second day it was clear, the guy is struggling at the limit. When he then emptied  two water bowls and let just the same rain down on the Radishes,the direct way to the vet was clear and with burning tires we quickly rode off.


There a large blood picture was directly made to see what is going on with our actually always good-humored (and sometimes a little angry) Berseker Berthold.


At first the vet suspected diabetes. Fortunately this was not confirmed.


The day after, however, came the shocking blood result.


Kidney failure… Prognosis of the ship has sailed and one should already deal with the thought of having to release him soon. Shock…we talked about it and it hit us all a deep hole in the pit of the stomach.


Nobody had expected such a catastrophic result, Berthold had been romping around the meadow with his dog buddies just one day before.


After the first emotional skate and breathing away the shock, it was clear that we could not simply accept the result due to the lightning change in his condition and let him go without knowing what exactly was going on.


So, get a second opinion. Directly after the phone call about the results, we went to the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover to get to the bottom of it all. Of course we know that with a 10 year old dog everything is possible. And far be it from us to delay a process unnecessarily long and to stir up suffering. But if you lose a fight, then you want to know at least against whom.


Berthold has been living with one of our employees for 2 years, so the two of them went to the university together in search of the problem and, above all, with the hope of a solution.


Another blood test to see how the values are developing, ultrasound examination, urine sample, palpation, puncture and taking the samples for the laboratory, all this Berthold has mastered very well. And also his values seemed to have improved just a touch.


Besides the kidney, which was affected, a slight change in the spleen and swollen lymph nodes were also found.


The exact cause is not yet one hundred percent clear, which is why samples were sent to the laboratory for evaluation.


Now we are anxiously awaiting the result together with Berthold. Several times daily medication and infusions are the order of the day and we are doing everything we can to regain his appetite.


All thoughts revolve around the upcoming result, while at the same time the daily work has to be managed.


And the thought of how to deal with the result, what possibilities we will have and whether a good quality of life will be restorable for our berserker Berthold… it is all like frozen in shock and infinitely difficult to bear. The waiting, when you have so many questions, just as the deciding, when you have the results and the certainty.


So we need a lot of fingers crossed for our little rage citizen who once, in a rage over an argument between the dogs, bit the princess of hell in the backside.


And if we’re being honest. Applause and crossed fingers are great, but of course what helps us even more is your support.


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