When hell suddenly freezes over

WHEN HELL SUDDENLY FREEZES OVER…   When hell suddenly freezes over…   …and you suddenly fall on your face while moonwalking through the kennels, then you know that something is wrong.   And as it is in the circles of hell, you know your friends. The current ice age can be attributed to none other than our Berthold.  …

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Hei-Hei´s call for help

HEI-HEI’S CALL FOR HELP   Hey-Hey energy crisis, third world war, we’re looking for a new yard and it’s all pretty awful. This year many shelters are facing the question of how to go on. No to heat the kennel facilities in the winter? Which rooms can be prepared for the old and the sick, so that money is…

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farewell to Lotte

FAREWELL TO LOTTE   Attention people, the following text concerns the topic of euthanasia. The text is based on my own experiences and of course emotions are involved, because it is about Lotte, our Napolitano bitch that we had to let go because of bone cancer. However, among other things, it intervenes a bit savagely in the topic of…

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Dog Thriller

DOG Thriller Dog thriller. Somewhere in Germany and in any case not just around the corner from here. A house with garden, it is evening. A Labrador lady and her younger buddy, a Ridgeback are allowed to play and pee in the garden, both dogs know this all evening ritual and trot off into the darkness. Hörpel. After an…

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