Jasko (& Levi)

Rasse Mischling
Geschlecht männlich kastriert
Farbe Hellbrauch, dunkelbraun, weiße Abzeichen

No longer wild, Romanian and free but Germanized, well-behaved and leashed Jasko comes along. Visually well conveyable from inner values from one evening adventure. “JASKO FIASKO” gets especially then into the skid, if “wild and free”, collide with the German views of how a dog has to be. For him, an owner who wants to touch him on a whim is first a reason to check his status. Just grabbing his collar to maneuver him away can lead to a counter attack and in general Jasko Fiasko von Hellhound lives for his status. That means he observes and selects people according to the scheme ” Seems sovereign, I accept first, I check” or ” poor person, no charisma, you have to educate”.


This is a skill, which he learned as a long-term unemployed kennel manager in the animal shelter, since he had to deal with the most different types of people there. Putting on a muzzle, no chance – this man would have probably, the Terminator equal, his kennel wall to enter, so that he reaches Mr. Fiasco’s rank. In the meantime, however, the mean street worker approach of: “Yes, you are big and powerful, but the bone never comes to the dog, if you want something to get in line” is enough for him.


With the magic spell:” Distance creates closeness”. Jasko gets time to think about what he wants and how his behavior towards what he wants would be best. These conversations, however, cost time and address conflicts that help Jasko escape from his lonely stray life and consciously join people. He should get away from his mistaken belief that we are his employees, to find new real friends who will help him get out of his frustration and helplessness to understand many things here just not. Jasko is compatible with other dogs and should be allowed to live with other dogs if someone is interested in Mr. Fiasco.


If you don’t need such problems, please feel free to donate so that he stays here for the time being and we put our energy into finding a suitable home instead of a home visit ( fun!).

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