Rasse Pitbull
Geburtsdatum 16.07.2013
Geschlecht männlich
Farbe schwarz



Unfortunately, this handsome black guy has attracted a little more than negative attention when he beat his mistress off the sofa. Bites in the face, arms and hips left scars, but worse was the idea of coming back home and live with him, after all, did not know what his problem was that night.


UNBELIEVABLE. They often wear that title here when they land. Broken pilots with too little karma in the tank but with authority in kamikaze flight in the neck. Mr. Frost has hit the jackpot. Black, biting, list dog…hmpf* Well there are days when you lose and there are days when the others win and then again there are days when you have no luck at all..or so. And then you reconstruct from and to Hellhound, you lay down on the sofa, you fall on the sofa, you dance on the sofa, you throw yourself behind the sofa, you eat, sleep and wash yourself on the sofa, you live there!!! and Jack looks exactly like in the photo, everything hangs out of his face, bored, worried, if you are brain sick. No sign of the hellhound, just nothing. And then you step in the bathroom, accidentally on a squeaky thing in unicorn format (that was given to me!! Never would I…unicorns pfff*) and instantly has a stormed bathroom door and a black shadow with wrecking ball furiously searching the debris, squeaking and foaming at the mouth.


And then you realize that this angry part still has an aura hours after the door has been smashed down, and goes for EVERYTHING, whether it’s fast movement, uncoordinated movement, noises, etc. Hunting 4 times too fast over go and now we have the salad. A nice inconspicuous dog that destroys everything he thinks is destructible at the wrong trigger. Playing balls, rushing on tires, rushing, rushing until the doctor comes. In Jack’s case the first test will be in spring. And then comes the question of how employable the little racer is.

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