Rasse Pitbull x American Bulldog
Geschlecht männlich
Farbe gestromt



Venom, the second best chemtrail pilot in hell, has had many names and diagnoses. He stuck with us with the diagnosis deprivation damage. In short: He has no strategy for life or survival because he grew up alone, poor in stimuli and isolated. Sounds like crap, but it happens to many puppies from the factories and you have a lifetime of what.


If you watched Venom like this, you could have really considered that the diagnosis was right. Stupid, strong, watertight and stubborn, he solves all problems according to the motto: solve enormous problems sometimes with violence. When situations become opaque, stupid or too difficult for him, he flies forward like a baton with a pogo stick and crashes what can be crashed. With this cumulative wisdom he got the euthanasia decision directly, but then decided to make a new start with us in the Gallic Village. The preparations for the character test are done, now Corona only has to decide how long he wants to take over the world and then it will be exciting.


In the meantime we assume that Venom has learned a lot from his aggressive behavior and that he is self-confirming. Because he shows this whole frippery today exclusively at the leash if someone hangs behind it, who does not trust him the “violence makes happy concept”. Since he did not let himself nail an employee in the hand because of a sticky Smarti on the sofa, he pays the character test, now from his pocket money. Yes, punishment must be. So if someone wants to help him :

Oi you merry!

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