Rasse Pitbull x Greyhound
Geburtsdatum 17.04.2014
Geschlecht männlich kastriert
Farbe gestromt, weiß

Carlos is elegant, sensitive and penetrating like a katana. Whoever thought it was a good idea to cross a greyhound with a big terrier (probably a staff)… HUT DOWN, the Darwin Awards are waiting for you! We are dealing with a highly sensitive broth of wedding soup, nitroglycerin and elf vomit (but the one with asterisks on it). Half the day in creep speed, with the biggest concern that the paws do not get dirty, he switches directly to full throttle when he sees something to chase OR someone in his world does not behave correctly. Running away, jumping on it, grabbing it until nothing is kicking anymore, and then paying attention to his paws again, he prances away from the scene of the massacre like an elf on speed.


He is not very empathetic with the busy part of the environment. Children, cats and everything at eye level count for him rather in the category, edible. Stones and trees, however, he thinks are great. Just like driving a car in the desert and staying alone. What he doesn’t like at all is bad weather, so everything under 20 degrees, unless something fleshy runs in front of him. Since the mediation would rather resemble the revenge of God, Carlo Crazy is happy about an animal welfare Sugarmom or Sugardaddy him financially a little with entertain. It may also be more than one, he is not so ? .


Of course, our explosive mixture would still be ready for a really suitable, responsible home.


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