Rasse Bordeauxdogge x Rednose Pitbull
Geburtsdatum 06.12.2013
Geschlecht männlich kastriert
Farbe rotbraun

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux x Rednose Pitbull breed
Date of birth: 06.12.2013
Gender: male neutered
Color: Red-brown

Brösel, who has lived here since 2016 and is unfortunately always overlooked, is a mix of a Dogue
de Bordeaux and a Rednose Pitbull. He came from an animal shelter, where he ended up as a
confiscation, after his owners could neither meet the requirements for keeping such a dog nor the
necessary expertise, his fate was sealed and he was taken into custody. Here he developed very
negatively because he was overwhelmed with the situation of living in the kennel. He didn’t let
anyone touch him anymore, only a zookeeper could deal with him. But that this could not be a
solution was clear to everyone involved. Without human contact, he would be difficult to mediate,
and the question was also asked what would become of him if his caregiver couldn’t come to work
or wanted to celebrate vacation days. And that is exactly the crux of the matter. In the animal
shelter, dogs often select and choose a single caregiver. In the case of the Dogue de Bordeaux,
which can be integrated into a family, but has its origin as a one-man dog, this selective approach
occurs increasingly and is defended with all means in case of doubt. That means what Brösel goes
through with me could be massively questioned by him with another person. In general, Brösel is a
dog who uses opportunities that promise him a better status. One of the employees fell down next
to him and was promptly attacked by him trying to bite her several times. I and his former walker,
on the other hand, can do somersaults next to him without anything ever happening. Unfortunately,
Brösel shows exactly this behavior not only with humans but also with conspecifics and is very
difficult to solve because he perceives it as self-affirmation, if he drives his competitor to flight with
an attack. And sadly, the terrier inside him makes him mad, if he decides to attack. Brösel bites and
is difficult to detach from the supposed opponent, so that protection with a muzzle is inevitable in
everyday life. Also, his new home not only has to know the concept of status-related aggression,
but also be able to live it, as this is a very creeping process in which it has to be reflected on and
observed again and again whether behavior (no matter how nice) is actually shown or used
strategically to bring people in a certain direction or situation. For example, when he arrives to
cuddle and playfully takes his hand in his mouth and then if you do not meet his expectations you
get seriously bitten or a situation in the house where you call him and he just sits there and stares
at you . If you move towards him and want to grab him by the collar, he also bites. So he heard
your offer to come and is also looking into your direction, but at this very moment it opens up a
conflict. You don’t notice this and go over to him – so pass him over, he will fend off you like a
Dogue de Bordeaux Pitbull Mix does. Hard and juicy. People who do not overlook him and who are
interested must be adopted and acted out for themselves, especially when it comes to selfprotection and security as well as the issue of status aggression. And because there are always
against people who ask: Brösel must not be given to families with children or small animals and
cats and is also not suitable as a watchdog or riding companion. And I’m not writing this to show
how bad he is, but because we know him and know that living together like this overwhelms him.
Brösel would prefer to be a single dog with a single person who he has all to himself. However, we
would recommend that he goes into a position in which he does not play first violin, because then
he wants to control and rule again. The best would be people who know what is important when it
comes to self-protection and who may have one or two stable dogs with whom Brösel can run
temporarily and under supervision. He is not fundamentally incompatible and has already run
unsecured in the group. It’s just about the phrase “but if”, because then the man or woman must
really know what they are doing. We will of course continue to work with Brösel until he finds a
suitable place.

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